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Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887)

The Skilled Regional 887 is a permanent residence visa for skilled temporary visa holders who have lived in the designated regional area of Australia for at least two years and have at least twelve months of work experience. When applying for and receiving this visa, the applicant must be physically present in Australia.

Benefits of the Visa

  • You can stay, study, and work in Australia permanently if you have a skilled regional visa.
  • Obtain Medicare coverage, Australia's national health insurance programme.
  • Apply for citizenship in Australia once you've met the requirements.
  • Sponsor qualifying relatives or family members for permanent residence.
  • Travel Australia frequently for up to 5 years from the date visa is granted


For you to be qualified to submit an application for a permanent Skilled Regional visa (Subclass 887), you must:

  • Be present in Australia when you apply for a visa
  • At the time of filing, possess the necessary visa
  • Held a qualifying visa for at least two (2) years prior to filing.
  • Have spent at least two (2) years residing in a certain regional area.
  • Have at least a year of full-time employment in a designated regional area.
  • Comply with all applicable health and character criteria.